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  1. Art for the Catholic Restoration
    A site displaying the work of artist Matthew Brooks. The artwork is in a more traditional style than most of what is produced today.

Liturgical Resources

  1. Catholic-Pages Liturgy Links
    A directory of liturgical articles and sites at the very nice Catholic- website.
  2. EWTN's Liturgy Forum
    A great place to ask questions about the liturgy.
  3. Meeting Christ in the Liturgy
    See this guide to extract commentary and reflections about weekly scriptures and mass readings. Follows both Tridentine and Novus Ordo calendars.
  4. St. Lawrence Roman Catholic Resource Site
    Features texts of some of the rites of the Church as well as information about becoming a deacon.
  5. The Liturgy of the Hours
    Printable files of the Liturgy of the Hours for each day of the year.
  6. USCCB Committee on the Liturgy
    Branch of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops specializes in matters related to the spiritual body of rites. Gloss over its newsletter.

Mass Directories

  1. Byzantine Catholic Churches in America
    A directory of Byzantine Catholic churches. Not many Mass schedules, but contact information for each church.
  2. Global Registry of Tridentine Masses
    The source for Mass times and locations of Indult Tridentine Masses around the world.
  3. Mass Times (UK)
    A searchable database of United Kingdom Mass times and Catholic schools.
  4. Mass Times (USA)
    A searchable list of Masses throughout the United States.


  1. How to Read Gregorian Chant
    A handy, graphical guide to reading Gregorian Chant.

Other Rites

  1. Anglican Use Book of Divine Worship
    The full text of the Anglican Use Missal.
  2. Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom
    The text of the liturgy used by Byzantine Catholics
  3. Pastoral Provision for the Anglican Use Rite
    Home page of the Anglican Use churches. Contains news and links to all Anglican churches in union with Rome.


  1. Adoremus
    The website of Adoremus, an organization dedicated to a proper renewal of the liturgy.


  1. Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei
    Organization dedicated to expanding the use of the Ecclesia Dei Indult.
  2. Una Voce
    Una Voce is dedicated to the preservation and expansion of the Indult Tridentine Mass.
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